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Statistics from UN Agencies

The UN Statistics Division oversees UN collections, organization and distribution of statistics and provides links to the UN databases from their web site. Here are some of the major UN statistical databases.

  • GO HERE FIRST! (UN Data search engine)
    One stop search engine that combines data from oh so many IGO's
  • GenderInfo
    Gender statistics for population, families, health, education, work, and political participation...
  • Social Indicators
    Child-bearing, Child and early populations, contraceptive use, education, health, housing, human settlements, income and economic activity, literacy, population, unemployment, water supply and sanitation
  • UN Comtrade
    International Merchandise Trade Statistics from 1962- present.
  • UN Demographic Yearbook
    World summary, population, fertility, foetal mortality, infant and maternal mortality, general mortality, nuptiality, divorces
  • UNCTAD Databases
    United Nations Conference on Trade and Development's databases: Global databank on world trade in creative products, Handbook of Statistics, Foreign Direct Investment, ICT Statistics, Millennium Indicators, Trade Analysis
  • United Nations Statistics Division
    Clearinghouse, portal and standards keeper for United Nations statistics.

Welcome to ASM's Research Guide for Model UN

This guide provides an overview of research resources and tools for your work. We hope you find our resources useful. If you have one you would like to add, pleae see one of your friendly librarians!

New to Model UN?

Model UN Preparation Guide 

Research Overview
The first step to Model UN preparation is research. This section poses helpful research questions and points you to the best rescources for gathering information on your country and its positions, the topics to be discussed at the conference, and the UN system.

Country Assignments
Shortly after you register for any Model UN Conference, your delegation will receive its country assignments. Learn how to effectively assign countries among your Model UN team.

Position Papers
Position papers allow you to explain your country's position on an issue and start to provide ideas on how the committe should address the issue. This section explains how to write a position paper and provides some helpful tips and even a sample to help you write an effective position paper.

Flow of Debate
The flow of debate is the order in which delegates at a Model UN conference give speeches, negotiate, propose resolutions and amendments, and vote. This section features a flow of debate chart that will give you a feel for how a Model UN committee works- from the first speech to the final vote!

Public Speaking
Public speaking is one of the most important skills that you will need as a Model UN delegate. This section will help you learn more about the various oppurtunities for speaking at a Model UN conference. The section also provides tips for public speaking to help improve your delivery and boost your confidence.

Rules of Procedure
The rules and procedures at a Model UN are important for keeping order so that the committee can make progress. This section explains how a committee operates and provides a chart of rules and motions to help you learn these important procedures.

Caucusing, or informal negotiation, is one of the most significant parts of a Model UN conference. Much of the problem-solving, collaboration and compromising happens in these important sessions. This section explains the different types of caucuses and provides tips for effective caucusing.

Writing Resolutions
In this section, you will learn about the role of sponsors and signatories in the resolution-writing process, as well as how to use preambulatory and operative clauses and the process of proposing amendments. The section also includes a sample resolution and tips for writing effective resolutions.

Dressing for Success
Western business attire, or international standard business attire, serves as customary dress for workplaces and for many Model UN conferences. In this section, appropriate dress is explained in detail.


2016 Model UN Conference Schedule

Balancing Freedom & Security

DATE:  April 8-10
PLACE: American School of Madrid
Calle America 3,
28080 Madrid

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