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Follett Destiny

World Book Encyclopedia Online

Ebsco Offers a broad range of full text and bibliographic databases designed for research.

History Reference Center This database features full text for more than 9,990 reference books, encyclopedias and non-fiction books.

MAS Ultra - School Edition Provides more than 360 full text reference books, 85,670 biographies, over 107,000 primary source documents, and an Image Collection of over 510,000 photos, maps & flags, color PDFs and expanded full text backfiles (back to 1975) for key magazines.

questia Academic and professional research-books, journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles

Oxford Reference Online Brings together 2 million digitized entries across Oxford’sDictionaries, Companions andEncyclopedias

Oxford Art Online The foremost scholarly art encyclopedia, covering both Western and non-Western art

Oxford Music Online The leading online resource for music research

JSTOR JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books and primary resources.

* Check our ASM Moodle site for login information.

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a source of scholarly sources on the open web. Not everything is available this way, but sometimes Google Scholar can provide free, online access to things not available full-text in library databases. It's worth checking out!

General Ancient History Web Sites

BBC History Site
There are great resources here..

The Ancient Web
Lots of information is provided here. Use the menu on the left.

Internet Ancient History SourceBook, Good round-up of ancient sources availble online 

Ancient / Classical History
This is a good starting point to build your knowledge. You can search for the site or browse to it by topic.

Ancient Civilisations
Ancient China shows up first but there are links to other civilisations along the top of the screen. Follow the links to find what you need.

Ancient History by Time Period - lots of useful links 

Ancient Egypt at the British Museum

Ancient Greece at the British Museum

Ancient Rome for Kids

Romans in Britain

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Stone Pages
Stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing stones, cairns, barrows, hillforts and archaeology of megalithic Europe.

Virtual Egypt

Royalty-Free Images

Be sure to select the Creative Commons option before searching! Use for photos or videos.

Wikimedia Commons
Large collection of public domain and Creative Commons images, sounds, maps, and other media.

Huge variety of public domain images. Warning: the first row of images in any search are sponsored results from Shutterstock and are not in the public domain.

The Morgue File
"Free images for your inspiration, reference and use in your creative work, be it commercial or not!"

Creative Commons Search
Portal for searching various sites for Creative Commons images, audio, video, and other media. Select a site to begin your search; your currently selected site will be highlighted in light blue.

Academic Search Premier
Be sure to click on the "image quick view types" (bottom left of screen) before searching.

The Internet Archive
A collection of images and sound

Library of Congress Collection
Produced by the Library of Congress and mostly free. Be sure to check the copyright statement before using.

Archival Research Catalog
National Archives Database of various governmental and historical images, videos, sound bites. Be sure to check each resource's copyright statement.

Royalty-free image aggregator; pulls from a number of sources, including stock xchng and Flickr.
" is the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet (link back and attribution required)."

Free Images
The only drawback is you have to join this site first.

Google LIFE Photo Archive
Images with copyright restrictions will have a note on the actual image.


Ancient History Games

Playing History

Anglo-Saxon Coins
Test your knowledge of Anglo-Saxon coins.

Death in Rome
Be a Roman sleuth - use your detective skills to unravel the events behind a mysterious death. You have until dawn to investigate the crime scene, and crack the case.

Gladiator: Dressed to Kill
Dress a gladiator for battle in the Roman arena of death.

Iron Age Life

Mummy Maker
Enter the embalmer's workshop, where you are to prepare the body of Ramose, officer to the king, for burial.The chief embalmer, Kha, will be watching your work closely. Complete your task perfectly, or he will be denied paradise.

Pyramid Challenge
As the vizier, or head of state, you are about to undertake the building of the king's pyramid. Have you got what it takes to be a pyramid builder?

Viking Quest
Play the game of 'Viking Quest', which takes you back to AD 793. Can you build a ship, cross the seas, loot a monastery and return home to claim your prize?

Dig Deeper Quiz
Test your knowledge of archeology.

Diver's Quest

Hunt the Ancestor
Time and money are running out and the developer's diggers are wanting to move onto the site of a dig. Experience some of the realities of being an archaeologist by playing Hunt the Ancestor.

The Coliseum: Building the Arena of Death

Inca Investigation